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Monthly Archives: January 2013

I have come to the realisation that at the minute I actually have nothing to blog about really, however I am going to continue to do it anyway.

Today I have handed in my second version of my dissertation introduction and literature review (after my first versions were shockingly bad) so I am hoping that my tutor approves of these ones.


My Ultrabook, work, and much needed caffeine boost.

As far as university goes its day 4 of an 11 week term and I have already have enough, I have so much going on after May that I’m pretty much wishing away the next few months, which will be the most important months as far as my degree is concerned.

What I have been working on is my charity fundraising, I am hoping to sell paintball tickets (which are crazy cheap if anyone wants any!) continue to sell cakes on Sundays, and planning two live mic night events, which we still have to come up with names for.

Resolution Update

So far so good I think, I’ve managed to keep up my water intake, going to the gym at least 4 times a week (which I am not used to, so I can now barely walk!). I am, however, constantly hungry after an over indulgent Christmas…just takes some getting used to, I’ll get there (eventually!)

My very first post, this is exciting.

I’m not so sure how to blog at the moment, but I’m sure I will pick it up (eventually).

It’s January 1st, the start of a brand new year. This year is going to be very different from any other year, bigger, better and more fun packed, so I thought a blog would be great to remember what has happened (and to keep my mum up-to-date with my life!)

This year will see me graduate (hopefully), travel Asia, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, move to Swindon and start a graduate job with Intel.

Even though this year is going to be much different, it has started pretty much the same as any another year (probably true for the majority of the population); hung-over, but filled with New Year’s resolutions. So my aims for this year are as follows;

  • Start Blog (check!)
  • Lose Weight (this is always on this list)
  • Drink 2l water everyday
  • Train for Kilimanjaro climb & raise money for Practical Action


That’s all for today, Happy New Year everyone!!