The journey was so long, after arriving at Heathrow to find out that a plane had caught on fire near a terminal building (luckily with no people inside) we flew to Nairobi (via Dubai for three hours.) It was an Emirates flight so it wasn’t all bad – I am amazed that now you can get WIFI on planes and use your mobile phones during flight – who knew?!

Feeling tired after a lack of plane sleep we hopped on to a (very crammed) minibus for a few hours (7!) to cross the border from Kenya to Tanzania, and then onto the hotel.

The hotel was far nicer than any of us could have expected, so it was a carb-loaded dinner and straight to bed for the 6am start the next day!


After a quick breakfast in the Impala hotel, it was back to Phillip’s (our drivers) squished bus to take us to the Machame gate to start our journey up Kilimanjaro.


The first day was walking through the jungle; this was to be the first of four ecosystems that we will see on our climb. Some people struggled with the first day but hung back and walked at their own pace.

IMG_2156 IMG_2162

We had many porters to help with guiding us, carrying our bags and providing food, water and shelter. These guys were amazing, the could carry almost 4 times the amount of stuff that we had, walk at a quicker pace and get everything set up in camp before we even arrived!

We reached camp at about 6pm, settled into our tent for the first night of camping and the porters had our dinner ready for us.

I’m very pleased with the first day, it was a lot easier than I was expecting but I know it’s going to get a whole lot harder!