After a poor night’s sleep today trek involved walking through moorland. We woke up at 6.30am and started trekking at about 9, much behind schedule. During the hours of walking we spent our time re-enacting the Lion King (Alice and Rathu)

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and singing as many walking/mountain related songs as possible (Miley Cyrus – it’s the climb, Aint no mountain high enough, S Club 7 – Reach, Biffy Clyro –Mountains.) One of the guides keeps calling me Lilly, because I remind him of some Manchester student who was called Lilly. Interesting.

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Climbing has started to get a little bit more difficult now, I have realised that I’m lacking in sleep and have only had about 15 hours in 4 days. I really dislike camping, it’s impossible to sleep on my useless roll mat, it may as well not even be there (note to anyone climbing Kili buy a therma-rest!)

Others in the group are now starting to feel the effects of the altitude, but I’m good (so far!)