The next day was Barranco wall, from the camp we were at it looked like a vertical cliff type thing, but it wasn’t as bad as it looked.

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Climbing in the altitude was difficult every move made us exhausted and we ended up taking an extra hour climbing it than we were supposed to. We walked through valleys for about 6 hours (which was frustrating because every time you go downhill you know you have to go back up again) until we reached a mid-point camp were we could eat a hot lunch and not the poor excuse for lunch boxes that we had had on the previous days. The roast chicken dinner (how they did this up a mountain will forever bewilder me) boosted everyone’s morals. It was a further 4 hours before we reached base camp, where we had dinner and a 4 hour nap to prepare us for SUMMIT NIGHT.

How the porters managed to balance things on their heads whilst scaling this wall I will never know.
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