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So due to my severe lack of WiFi in Africa in its entirety I am uploading all of my Kili blog posts within the next few days.


Since I got back from Asia it’s been go, go, go with everything.

In the 12 days I have been back in the country I have managed to graduate from University. On the 4th July I had my ceremony and was presented with my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management – very pleased (mostly because now I’m done with studying!)

 I also managed to get everything sorted and get the keys to my beautiful brand new house and move in, I am still without a couple of appliances (like a fridge) but it’s getting there and starting to feel like home.

I am currently sat on a coach on the way to the lovely London Heathrow airport, very excited about my new adventure. It seems so long ago that I randomly asked Alice if she would like to go spontaneously climb Mount Kilimanjaro for charity and since then there have been a lot of fundraisers, and very generous donations from family, friends and companies (Huge thanks to Sharpe Systems! But it’s finally here I am a few hours away from jetting off on an Emirates flight to Africa (via Dubai!)

Wish me luck!

If everything goes to plan, I should have the keys to my brand new house down in the south at the beginning of July and I’m so excited! (Eeeekk!)

Even though I don’t actually have my mortgage offer yet (come on Virgin Money!), I have prepared by buying small kitchen appliances, bedroom furniture and placed a deposit on the carpets and flooring that I want. Yesterday, I restored some old furniture from my mum’s house that had become a little worn on top.

Here’s what it looked like before…


So I sanded it all down and (attempted) to paint it a lovely chocolate brown colour which isn’t far off the colour it should have been before.

I bought Craig and Rose 1829 paint from B&Q in the colour Clove Brown and used that to paint my furniture.


The end result wasn’t quite what I thought it was going to be, it looks more purple than dark brown, but I love it anyway and it’s going to look great in my new house (if I ever get there!)


The picture isn’t very good because of the lighting, but i’ll upload some more when I can.

Let me know what you think, and have you ever restored any furniture?