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The next morning we did some extreme bus riding out of Cebu city, the bus practically bounced the whole three hour journey to Moalboal. We checked into the backpacker hostel, which had the most uncomfortable beds I have ever slept on, a shower that was a hose and a toilet that you had to pour water down to flush – great.

We chucked our bags down and headed off to white beach, the water was clear but the sand wasn’t as soft as we had hoped.
Regardless, Tom continued to build his reservoir/canal/general hole in the sand. We spent a couple of hours at the beach before going back to the hostel to ‘shower,’ change and get some food. A girl staying at the hostel had told us about a local restaurant called Chili, we weren’t expecting a lot, but walked in to find the most amazing views as the sun was setting. We ordered food and a couple of frozen margaritas (which had either melted or it wasn’t frozen in the first place) and chilled in front of the beautiful view.
After a couple more cocktails, including a weng-weng which had every type of spirit in you could imagine, we were pretty drunk and in need of dessert so headed to another restaurant for banana splits. Realising that it was only 7.30pm and we were already drunk we went back to the hostel for a game of scrabble and a movie before bed.

The next day we went back to Chili’s for breakfast and milkshakes, which were surprisingly good. We then met the lovely Anne who was from the Netherlands and staying in our hostel and got a tricycle to the Kawasan falls. After an hour we arrived to the most beautiful blue water surrounded by jungle.
At the falls there were rafts for hire, so we couldn’t resist and jumped on one. The raft drivers directed us under the waterfall for a ‘water massage’ and generally a bit of a wash!
Anne made us do the Filipino pose – we feel it’s more Myspace circa 2002.

We then jumped in for a bit of a swim, until Tom told me that fish were swimming in the water – I then jumped back out. After the falls we came back to the hostel for a shower (we finally found the real ones!) and some food (Chili’s, obvs.) Our planned ‘few drinks’ became a bit more eventful than we thought. The first thing we did once getting to the bar was make a human pyramid because someone staying at our hostel had it on a bucket list that his friend designed for him.

Tom and I were drinking caipirinhas all night and still couldn’t work out how to pronounce them. Later on I realised I left most of the money in the hostel, so had to go back and get some more. Only the hostel was locked as it was 1am, the ladyboys in the bar next door tried to help Tom and I pick the lock, but it just wasn’t working. The only option was to get the woman behind the bar to trek with us through the jungle in the pitch black to caretakers room for a spare key. I had to put to the back of my mind all the animals and insects that were biting me to death during this trek (the caipirinhas made this much easier) but we got the key and all was fine. Back to the bar for a couple more before bed.

I also found out today that I will be graduating from The University of Birmingham on the 4th July with a 2:1 BSc Business Management degree with Honours. YAY!

So I still have a huge £1200 to raise and am quickly running out of time before my trip!

Check on my progress here:

On Sunday last week, my mum and I went out into the (surprisingly sunny) great outdoors and set up shop in Tansley at our local carboot sale and Sunday market. We managed to sell some of our old stuff and made £40 for Practical Action 😀

Tuesday was the first day of my finals, and I was pleasantly surprised at the exam, I must have been lucky because I felt well prepared and the questions I wanted came up (let’s just hope my result reflects this!) I am currently studying for my final exam on Wednesday 29th May, and I am counting down the days until it’s over and I’m free and get to spend a month in Asia!

Also, just two more days of the iPad Prize Draw…so get your entries in quickly!

As with most university students at this time of the year, final exams are just round the corner. It’s not that I’m dreading them or I’m stressed or anything I just cannot be bothered (wrong attitude to have after 4 years hard work and a bucket load of money on tuition!) My life is far too exiting busy right now.

I thought it was wise to buy a house (to re-locate for my new job!), plan (to travel round south east Asia), fundraise (for Practical Action), train (to climb Mount Kilimanjaro) AND revise for and sit my finals all within the same month! Crazy, right? Yet instead of doing all of these things I have now decided to update my blog – it must feel neglected after no posts have been uploaded since January.

Needless to say I have failed on pretty much – well actually – all of my new year’s resolutions (but it’s May, no-one ever really sticks to them, do they!?)

However, today marks the beginning of my new fitness regime. It will only last a month because I am heading off to Asia on June 3rd (not long!) so I am hoping I can stick to it. Today I started with a 4km run which took me 28mins (this will get better…) and tomorrow I’m up at 6.30am (!) for a gentle morning aqua aerobics class. I’ll let you know how that turns out!

I have come to the realisation that at the minute I actually have nothing to blog about really, however I am going to continue to do it anyway.

Today I have handed in my second version of my dissertation introduction and literature review (after my first versions were shockingly bad) so I am hoping that my tutor approves of these ones.


My Ultrabook, work, and much needed caffeine boost.

As far as university goes its day 4 of an 11 week term and I have already have enough, I have so much going on after May that I’m pretty much wishing away the next few months, which will be the most important months as far as my degree is concerned.

What I have been working on is my charity fundraising, I am hoping to sell paintball tickets (which are crazy cheap if anyone wants any!) continue to sell cakes on Sundays, and planning two live mic night events, which we still have to come up with names for.

Resolution Update

So far so good I think, I’ve managed to keep up my water intake, going to the gym at least 4 times a week (which I am not used to, so I can now barely walk!). I am, however, constantly hungry after an over indulgent Christmas…just takes some getting used to, I’ll get there (eventually!)