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So due to my severe lack of WiFi in Africa in its entirety I am uploading all of my Kili blog posts within the next few days.


Since I got back from Asia it’s been go, go, go with everything.

In the 12 days I have been back in the country I have managed to graduate from University. On the 4th July I had my ceremony and was presented with my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management – very pleased (mostly because now I’m done with studying!)

 I also managed to get everything sorted and get the keys to my beautiful brand new house and move in, I am still without a couple of appliances (like a fridge) but it’s getting there and starting to feel like home.

I am currently sat on a coach on the way to the lovely London Heathrow airport, very excited about my new adventure. It seems so long ago that I randomly asked Alice if she would like to go spontaneously climb Mount Kilimanjaro for charity and since then there have been a lot of fundraisers, and very generous donations from family, friends and companies (Huge thanks to Sharpe Systems! But it’s finally here I am a few hours away from jetting off on an Emirates flight to Africa (via Dubai!)

Wish me luck!

There’s something quite daunting about putting a video on YouTube, especially when you watch those that are so natural in front of the camera and I just look like, well, a doofus (possibly the best word in my vocabulary!)

Anyway, I deemed it necessary to film a video about myself and Kilimanjaro and to show people the there is actually a prize at stake!

After about 4 hours, a million takes and stumbling over many of my words I finally finished my, incredibly cringe, very first YouTube video, although it’s not quite what I had in mind (I assumed I would be a natural in front of the camera, but obviously not!)

Here is the link to my video – enjoy! Clearly I have no idea about lighting, sound (I mostly just hate the sound of my own voice!) and anything else video-y…so let me know what you think, and any tips you have (just in case I do decide to make a whole channel of videos!)

And also check out the iPad mini giveaway if you haven’t entered already:!/groups/507550315973123/

As with most university students at this time of the year, final exams are just round the corner. It’s not that I’m dreading them or I’m stressed or anything I just cannot be bothered (wrong attitude to have after 4 years hard work and a bucket load of money on tuition!) My life is far too exiting busy right now.

I thought it was wise to buy a house (to re-locate for my new job!), plan (to travel round south east Asia), fundraise (for Practical Action), train (to climb Mount Kilimanjaro) AND revise for and sit my finals all within the same month! Crazy, right? Yet instead of doing all of these things I have now decided to update my blog – it must feel neglected after no posts have been uploaded since January.

Needless to say I have failed on pretty much – well actually – all of my new year’s resolutions (but it’s May, no-one ever really sticks to them, do they!?)

However, today marks the beginning of my new fitness regime. It will only last a month because I am heading off to Asia on June 3rd (not long!) so I am hoping I can stick to it. Today I started with a 4km run which took me 28mins (this will get better…) and tomorrow I’m up at 6.30am (!) for a gentle morning aqua aerobics class. I’ll let you know how that turns out!