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On Tuesday we spent a whole day travelling to Phuket after the Full Moon Party; more boats, buses and minivans. We finally arrived at 8pm and had ice cream for dinner before heading off to bed exhausted.

The next day we ventured off to Koh Phi Phi, which is a 2 hour ferry ride from Phuket. Koh Phi Phi is a gorgeous little island where no cars or vehicles are allowed, we thought this was great until we realised we would be carrying our backpacks up hill to our hostel.


Our original plan was to go back to Phuket after a day, but we loved it so much that we stayed an extra night. We spent our time canoeing in the sea and chilling on the beach.


Later on that night I decided to embrace myself in the Thai culture with some Thai boxing. I felt great until I realised that I would be boxing some massive 6ft Ukrainian girl. All was OK, I didn’t sustain any major injuries and won the match.


We then headed down to party on the beach, just like a mini full moon party.

On Thursday we went on a boat trip, the guy told me it took 20 minutes to get to the other island so I prepared myself for feeling sick for 20 minutes. However, it turned out that it was an actual tour and we were on the boat for hours! Between my sea sickness and fish phobia, this was probably the worst trip I could ever have done.

On our tour we saw monkeys, so cute.


The rest of the group did snorkelling and swimming with fish – I waited on the boat.


Next up was Maya Bay, where The Beach was filmed. Getting there was a nightmare, we had to swim through fish infested water. I never realised how bad my phobia was until I froze on the edge of the boat and couldn’t get in…blood, sweat and tears later (well maybe not the blood – the mosquitos have all my blood) we finally arrived. It’s a beautiful little bay with powdery white sands and clear water, it was beautiful but I didn’t feel it was worth all the hype. I’m glad I did it, but won’t be doing it again.


Once it got dark, the group had a chance to swim with plankton, I didn’t but I could see how the plankton lit up when you move in the water – very cool.

After the boat tour we went back to the hostel and went for dinner before having an early night to prepare us for nearly 12 hours of travelling the next day.